June 11, 2014




PRODUCER: Around 800 smallholder farmers 
LOCATION: Aramo, Yirgacheffe
ALTITUDE: 1800-2000 m.a.s.l.
VARIETIES: Local heirloom


This coffee is produced by around 800 smallholder farmers, delivering coffee cherry to the owner of the Kebel (meaning neighbourhood) Aramo, Alemayehu washing station.

Known as the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia is provided with coffee for export from around 1.1 million farmers. Most are smallholders, growing varieties known as indigenous Ethiopian heirloom: a myriad of Typica hybrids, and some newer varieties based on old Typica strains. Farmers deliver coffee cherry to the coffee mill, where they are hand sorted before undergoing the meticulous process of producing clean coffee for sale.

Ripe cherry is processed using depulpers to remove some of the outer layers of the cherry (skin and some of the fruit). It is then fermented in clean water overnight before the remaining mucilage is washed off and the coffee is dried on raised beds - tables with a mesh bottom to allow for air circulation during drying process.

Full creamy texture, bright and sweet, intense florals, with articulated flavours of peach and apricot. 

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