Learn | Cupping Coffee

June 22, 2014

Learn | Cupping Coffee


Cupping: A simple, standardized, immersion method of brewing used primarily for evaluating coffee samples. Also: A ritual of tasting, sharing, and learning.


Stages of a Cupping:


Evaluate The Dry Fragrance


Pick up a cup, agitate the grounds a little by turning the cup back and forth between your hands, and smell it.


Evaluate The Wet Aroma

You can evaluate the wet aroma in two primary ways: the first is simple, smell the coffees as they are brewing, the second, called breaking the crust, is a little more complicated. As the coffee brews a thick crust of trapped gases and grounds forms over the top. When this crust is disturbed the coffees aroma is released. Get your nose down close to the cup and use a cupping spoon to push the grounds to the side.

Evaluate the Flavor

Place some of the brewed coffee into the cupping spoon. Slurp the contents of the spoon. This spreads the coffee over your entire palate. We taste for defects and evaluate the coffee for flavour, body, acidity, sweetness and balance.


You can join us and see for yourself.


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